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REBODY Maastricht

Rebody Maastricht offers high-end personal training and coaching for people who want to achieve their dream body and say goodbye to their bad habits. When you start training at Rebody Maastricht, you will work with the determined personal trainers Kevin van Elswijck and Rachel Hoekstra.

Kevin is the founder of Rebody. His enormous drive, experience and accumulated knowledge grants that no challenge or case is too difficult. It is impossible not to get infected with his enthusiasm. 

Rachel is the brains of the two. Her background in human movement sciences and her cheerful presence inspires enormous confidence in her clients. Her kind spirit allows her to get along with everyone, and  has a strong belief that you can achieve your goals with the right mindset.

Rebody Maastricht personal trainers Kevin en Rachel
Voedingsconsulenten Rachel en Kevin


If anyone is passionate about their work, it’s Rachel and Kevin.

Because of Rachel’s Canadian roots, she easily works with expats and international students. But the average Limburger is of course also in good hands with her. With this former professional footballer with a master’s degree in human movement sciences, you know she’s got your back.

Kevin also ensures that you can still enjoy life during your weight loss adventure. Balance is key. And don’t worry; you can still eat tasty things and go out to the pub or a festival. “Consciously Burgundian”: as we like to call it.

What characterizes a good coach is that they not only advise you on WHAT you should or should not do, but also teaches you WHY you do it that way. In this way you feel responsible, and you can decide for yourself what is a pleasant way for you to work towards an enjoyable, flexible, and healthier lifestyle.

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OUR Approach

Improving your body’s physique does not have to be complex and difficult. With the right knowledge, the right tools and a strong commitment, you can get remarkable results. We teach you from an evidence-based way of thinking exactly what DOES and DOES NOT work when it comes to achieving results (and maintaining them for life).

Our trainers have years of experience and relevant certifications (including NASM Certified Bayesian Personal Trainer, Registered BGN Weight Consultant) and help you with the following three pillars of a healthier and more vital life.


We ensure that you make optimal use of your time in the gym by teaching you the ins and outs of effective and responsible training, so that you can quickly reach your goal.


We teach you to become aware of what you eat while creating a livable yet effective situation for yourself. With our user-friendly Rebody App you will learn to make your own meal planning.


Real transformation also requires a different way of thinking. With in-depth coaching we help you create a powerful mindset that affects all aspects of your life.

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