Upper Body Workshop.

Monday October 10th 19.00 - 20.00
@il fiore Healthcenters Maastricht ceramique

upper body training

Training your upper body is important for your posture, increasing overall strength, and increasing fat loss. Moreover, daily activities such as carrying groceries, or a loaded laundry basket become easier. Join us for this educational upper body workshop to help you learn fundamental exercises to help strengthen your upper body. 


• Learn proper form and technique for fundamental upper body exercises to tone your upper body. 

• Expert advice on 6 upper body exercises to perform in your workout routine.

• Having a strong upper body improves posture and makes day-to-day activities easier.


The 6 exercises:

1. Body weight push up

2. Dumbbell row

3. Triceps extension

4. Shoulder press

5. Pull-up (regression)

6. Lateral shoulder raise

Upper body workshop

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