monday 26 september 19.00 - 20.00
@il fiore Healthcenters Maastricht ceramique

What you will learn

If getting a flatter belly is your goal, then you want to be living in a healthier, sustainable way. With this workshop, we will give you expert tips on nutrition, exercises, and lifestyle habits to obtain a “flat tummy”.



  • Education about nutrition, total energy expenditure, and learn effective core exercises. 
  • You will learn the fundamental principals of losing overall total body fat and core exercises to reveal a toned, flat tummy. 
  • Places are limited (15 people total)
Although core exercises can help you to gain muscle and strengthen your core, its does not help to flatten your stomach. Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce fat anywhere on your body; your overall body fat percentage must be decreased to reveal a flatter stomach!

Additionally, nutrition plays a big role in decreasing total bodyfat and you do not have to do hours of cardiovascular exercise to achieve this! However, it can allow you to burn additional calories to get to your goal faster. A caloric deficit is essential to achieve this goal, then exercise comes second. 

In this workshop, you will get expert advice and tips on how to get a flat belly. 


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